Are You an Employer of Choice in Digital Marketing Recruitment?

With the tightening of the labour market in the digital marketing sectors, recruitment can seem like an uphill battle. As such the concept of Employer Branding is coming to the fore, as companies look to attract and retain the best candidates. In a Harvard Business Review, the research supports the statement that the workforce is no longer driven simply by financial return. Rather candidates are looking to work for companies that share their social values. This can be in the form of work-life balance or actively contributing to the wider world i.e through charity. This is where the concept of types of employment can come into play (Higgs, 2014). In the theory, there are four types of employer:

• Employer of Cash – High financial returns in form of salary or bonuses but the company culture of the company is perceived as un-supportive to the employees.

• Employer of Culture – Low financial returns however, the company culture supports the employee and their values.

• Employer of Churn – Offers neither strong financial returns nor culture. These roles are often short term or formed in a loose labour market.

• Employer of Choice – High financial returns and high company culture.

Attaining the status of employer of choice means that applicants can expect to join a company that mirrors their social values and be well compensated for their work. This in turn can engender future loyalty to the company and further bolster the perception of the company to future applicants.

Becoming an employer of choice in the digital marketing sectors can be a tough task, as the best proposition can change from role to role. Take for example a search marketing company who is looking to place both a medium weight web designer and also an experienced PPC manager. The web designer may feel that having the latest technology and continued access to development programmes are key to their career development whereas, the senior PPC manager may feel that a higher degree autonomy and flexible working patterns are the key. As such crafting your employer brand to encompass your company’s core values and ensuring that your individual job packages are competitive could be the key. For help crafting your employer brand or employment packages contact a member of the team at Digital State Recruitment.