Getting a New Digital Marketing Job After a Career Break

There are many reasons for taking a career break, but how do you find a digital marketing job when you decide to return to work?

One of the first steps is to assess your reasons for going back to work. Are you ready to return to the work place, looking for a different challenge or simply in need of the salary? If it’s purely for financial reasons, it could be a good idea to sign up with a recruitment agency and give temporary roles ago. That way you can generate cash, while still retaining a greater degree of freedom and gaining experience in a range of digital roles.

Whether you choose to opt for temp or perm positions, employers will be looking for evidence that you have continued to develop your skills and kept up to date with the industry. So take time to read up on the news in your digital marketing field, so you can hold your own at interview.

If you have spent your career break travelling or otherwise relaxing, one of the key challenges that many encounter is the shift back into working patterns. To give yourself a head start, a tip is to start with the routine as early as the job hunting process. In other words, treat finding work like a job in itself. Set yourself office hours and ensure that you stick to them. Not only will this put you in the work mind-set, it will allow you to be fully involved in your job hunt. A great example of this, is being able to liaise with recruiters within business hours thus allowing your timescales to be aligned with theirs and also potential employers.

That said, when you embark on navigating the world of finding a digital marketing job you need to remember to keep a degree of balance in your life. While employers are looking to hire staff who fit their skills requirements, they are also looking to find people who fit their company. This is where experiences from your career break can really work in your favour, as they make you stand out from the pack.

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Job Profile: Digital Designer

The role of a digital designer is to create stylish and functional designs for use across the digital sphere. Web design is the most commonly thought of application of this skill set, with many focusing solely on the specialty of being a web designer. When creating a website there are many factors that need to be considered, over and above the pressing need to be aesthetically pleasing. These include site functionality, the addition of calls to action, and the ability to be optimal for search engines.

digital designer

As the world of search marketing and other online marketing platforms develop, the requirement for bespoke design for these digital platforms also increases. For example with the advent of cover images on Facebook, it now gives companies an additional 851 px x 315 px on the page in which to visually convey your brand. Why waste this opportunity on a suboptimal image? There is also the plethora of banner advert sizes that allow for a great range of personalized ads, but without standard sizes the design requirement is ongoing. Thus the role of a digital designer has grown to transcend a range of platforms and as is now intrinsically tied to the maintenance of the company brand.

Job Profile: .Net Developer

The .Net framework was created in the nineties as Microsoft’s answer to a more user friendly and homogenous coding system. As the framework has developed over the years, this means that the coding range of the .Net developer has grown.
net developer
One of the most impressive elements that .Net has over its competitors (such as Java), is that it is compatible with a number of coding languages, without having to recode the whole development.

C# is regarded as the flagship for the .Net languages, as it was an early adopter of any additional features added to the .Net framework. The C# language is derived from the complex C++ language but with the more accessible elements of Microsoft Visual Basic.

As a .Net developer, you will have a command of several coding languages and a firm understanding of the framework, as such you will offer your employers a great range of flexibility across projects. This flexibility means that not only can you develop new software but also modify and adapt existing items. Having a full understanding of core web technologies such as HTML, JavaScript, and CSS would also be beneficial.

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How Using Power Words Can Help Your Search Marketing CV

Regardless of if you are looking for PPC manager jobs, search marketing careers or the wider scope of digital marketing recruitment in general, they all have one thing in common. The requirement to have a well put together CV. While you may feel that you spend more time on your cover letter, as you adjust it to each role (if you don’t, you should be doing) it is often the case that recruiters look primarily at the CV. Your CV acts as a summary of your working history, giving insight to whether your past experience and skills will successfully translate into the offered role.

For more help on general CV writing guidance click here, you will find a range of hints and tips. In addition to that information you may also want to consider the inclusion of power words in your search marketing CV. As the search industry is developing, search marketing and PPC manager roles are becoming more hotly contested. As such, recruiters will read dozens of CV’s for each role, many with similar experience and skill sets. So how do you make yours stand out from the crowd?

power words

When seeking CV writing advice many people seek out the same sites (think job boards) and use templates or write the CV using the standard tropes and clichés, such as “I’m a great team player” or “a highly dedicated individual”. As such these assertions lose their appeal to recruiters early in the process. To remedy this why not try to avoid the old clichés and instead incorporate power words naturally throughout your CV. The table above, features a hundred example of power words. The idea being that you are enhancing your previous skills and experiences in an indirect way. Take for example “I worked within the team to develop a new system” in contrast to “I collaborated with my team in order to create an enhanced system”. The use of power word enables the same statement to sound more positive.
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Job Profile – Digital Planner

The role of a Digital Planner is to ensure a holistic approach is taken to look at which digital channels should be used to enhance the company’s digital marketing campaigns. This role has a strong analytical element as Key Performance Indicators are drawn directly from the success of the campaigns.

Content Writer

Working knowledge of a wide array of digital channels such as display, social and mobile will be important in this role. As will a level of competency in programming and CMS experience.

In an agency setting the digital planner is often a client facing role, tasked with presenting information about the overall successes of the campaign. As such presentational and communication skills are a key requirement in this role. As you will be working closely with Account Managers, the ability to work in a team would be a positive.

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Job Profile – Copy Writer

There are several iterations of the Copy Writer’s job, as it largely depends what situation the role is in. In in-house online marketing and website situations, the role of the copy writer is to create fresh, original and engaging copy for the website. While this includes articles to act as click bait in the wake of Panda, it also includes all pages of the site and if relevant product descriptions.


Within an advertising setting a copywriter is responsible for creating creative copy for adverts that maintain the brand, whilst promoting the products/ services. If this is an internal role, the copywriter can help to develop the brand through a continuous voice throughout the content. Matching the tone of external clients branding can be a challenge of this role, when working in an agency. Knowing the basics of HTML coding can be a plus in term of digital recruitment positions.

In a digital marketing agency, the role of copywriter can include all

the elements described above but rather than working for a single company the writer will create pieces for a wide range of clients. This is a particularly challenging and engaging role, as the topics covered can be very diverse as they cover the spectrum of the agencies client base.

The Benefits of Soft Skills in Marketing Roles

While putting together you’re CV and preparing for your interview for marketing roles that you are looking to land, it can be easy to focus solely on your main points. For example if you are looking to land a place as a UI Designer in Manchester, then touting you’re impeccable Java and PHP coding skills may seem to be the obvious focus. But in a largely overqualified candidate market, making a conscious effort to showcase your soft skills could be the move that ultimately makes you stand out from the crowd.

Soft skills in marketing roles are generally transferable and are therefore, appealing in a range of positions. These skills include demonstrating commitment, ability to deal with change, good communicative abilities and problem solving skills. Having a variety of these skills can also indicate a degree of versatility and an ability to learn, which are attractive in a market as diverse as digital marketing in Manchester and the North West. To go back to the UI designer example, having the additional soft skills of communication and superb problem solving skills, could improve your chance of success, as well as your Java and PHP coding skills.

While over-confidently stating your soft skills or slipping into clichés on your CV (team player, anyone?), maybe isn’t the best way forward. Reviewing your experiences and being able to summarize events or projects that latently demonstrate these skills is a good idea. If you haven’t previously worked in a professional role that you are looking to interview in and feel that you may lack these skills, then taking part in a volunteer program could be a good way to learn them. In many volunteering positions, it can be a great way to learn that you can work with others, commit to a project and work to imposed deadlines, all while helping a worthwhile cause. Any time spent developing your soft skill sets, should be seen as an investment into your career.

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Job Profile – Ecommerce Manager

The role of the Ecommerce Manager is one of strategic importance for any company with an online retail function. The Ecommerce Manager ensures the site is running optimally in order to generate sales and maintain the company’s online image. As such this is a varied role that intertwines the disciplines of digital technology and marketing, with the view of driving sales.


The Ecommerce Manager has to work closely with numerous other departments in the company in order to maintain the brand and the functionality of both the website and distribution mechanisms inherent with online sales.
A strong basis in digital analysis including conversion optimization, is beneficial for anyone looking to pursue the role of an ecommerce manager. As this will aid making onsite decisions such as data driven calls to actions or promotional e-shots.

Keeping abreast of the latest news in SEO and web design will also enable applicants to create and maintain innovative ecommerce sites that position well in the search results and have high conversion rates.