How to Stay Positive While Looking for Jobs in the Digital Sector

Are you looking for a new web designer job? Or perhaps social media management is more your thing? Looking for a niche role can sometimes be a longer process than expected, so how do you stay upbeat on your job hunt?

·         Plan, Plan, Plan

The benefits of planning cannot be underestimated. Both in terms of creating a job hunt schedule (and sticking to it!) and planning which tools you will use for your searches. It also helps to be organised in terms of making note of the progress of each application, this allows you to plan time to commit to creating bespoke cover letters and reverting to companies after interview.

·         Include Time for You

While it can be hard to switch off from your hunt for web designer jobs, especially if you are not earning. As with any work normal role, you need to ensure a work life balance in order to remain positive. Will looking on all the sites multiple times a day make the perfect role appear? Or simply leave you feeling that the job your after will never come up? Take time to see your friends, family and to do activities that you enjoy.

·         Networking

Speaking of spending time with friends, engaging with your existing network of colleagues and friends can be a great way to find out about upcoming new roles. You never know they may even put in a good word for you with the hiring manager.

·         Read the Job Outlines Closely

Resist the urge to apply to positions with a scatter gun approach. While it might seem that you are increasing your chances by sheer volume, in real terms you’re setting yourself up for more rejections. Nor will you be able to fully customise your applications for each role and you may even mark your copybook with potential employers. As a general rule of thumb, try to aim for a minimum of 70% in terms of matching the role specification

·         Just Keep Hunting

It is inevitable that you will experience rejection in your search for new job (unless you are incredibly lucky), either in the form of not landing an interview or not getting past the interview stage. While it can be hard to deal with rejection, especially for jobs you were really keen to get, remember that it’s all good practice and keep on job hunting.


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Should Digital Recruitment Be More Like Visiting the Opticians?

Should digital recruitment be more like a visit to the opticians, where you are subject to a series of tests to identify your requirements? With skills based testing, would you find a job that fit you perfectly and helped you achieve your career vision?

If you have ever applied for a digital job in a large company, then the chances are that you will have sat a recruitment exam/ skills test that were consisting of numerical, verbal and diagrammatic reasoning. These tests are used by recruiters and employers with the aim of providing a potential employer with an array of useful information including how you cope with the intellectual demands of the position, stress and how well the applicant works in a team.

As some large companies and recruitment agencies already use such methods for the recruitment of SEO jobs and executive roles, it raises the question of how much can actually be learnt from these simple tests and whether or not they are a true reflection of the person?

The main attraction for employers and recruitment agencies to use such a role is the ability to streamline candidates. If there are hundreds or thousands applying for the same role, a test that allows you to pick a handful of candidates that are most suited for the position can save the employer a lot of time and expense. Alternatively, however such a process does come with drawbacks; there are a large number of people that do not test well and the perfect candidate may get overlooked because of this. Such standard exam like methods might not be the best process  as well for creative roles, if you need someone for your social media you may value more creative qualities that the test may not pick up on.

Perhaps the digital recruitment process should include an element of standard tests, but not be used as a method to eliminate candidates, simply as another tool to get more information on potential candidates mixed with face to face interviews, reference checks and role-playing exercises.

Here at Digital State we stay up to date with all the trending methods of recruitment to make sure we always deliver the best candidates to our latest jobs. To find out more about how we can help you find the right candidate for your job vacancies please get in touch.


How to Maintain Work Life Balance in Digital Marketing

More and more people are struggling to maintain a healthy work life balance. The digital marketing sector is no different. What should be a core principle of a healthy lifestyle is being overlooked in place for longer working hours, which is likely to prove damaging to their mental wellbeing. This often displaying as increased stress levels and other mental health problems. Although in most of Europe the working week is limited to 48 hours, the UK opted out of the European Working Time Directive which has allowed employees to work a week in excess of 48 hours by written consent. Here are a few tips to help you develop and maintain a work life balance.

surfer-918689_1280 (1)

‘Work Smart, Not long’

You may have heard of this before, this simply involves allowing yourself a set amount of time per task and avoiding unstructured time consuming activities. By maintaining a tight hold on what you spend your time on, it can help in planning activities and reducing stress.

Separate Work From Leisure

It has become increasingly easier to take your work home with you thanks to the internet however, this can become a habit that is hard to kick, try to draw a line between your work and home. If work must be taken home having a certain working area in the house can help with keeping work and leisure separate.

Make Weekend Plans

It is easy to let your weekend pass without doing anything for yourself however, making plans to spend time with friends/ family or reading a book you love, can help reduce your stress while at the same time give you something to look forward to during the week. Every little bit of time spent doing a leisure activity adds up and will eventually lead to a good balance between work and leisure.

Take Your Lunch Break

Many of us will choose to work through lunch or eat a quick sandwich at the desk however if you have half an hour for your lunch take it! Getting away from work for even a quick walk can help clear your head and reduce stress levels.

Keep Track of Your Hours

Working late, going in early or volunteering to work that extra day can help you get your work done and even bring in a little extra money however in excess this can ruin your work life balance while at the same time drastically increase your stress levels without you realising. If you are going to work extra try to keep it as a one off and not let it become the norm.

With the help of the above tips you should be able to develop and maintain your own personal work life balance, remember that everybody is different and you should aim to make a plan that works for you. Sweden has done extensive research and trials in regards to helping the public improve their way of life with the most used and widely tested being the 6 hour work day. This has shown resurgence recently with tech and digital marketing start-ups. On the contrary, Australia has been seen falling behind the rest of the western world with the average working hours increasing to 44 hours per week, often being unpaid and leading to a large increase in stress levels. If you are looking for a role that offers greater flexibilty, check out our job search pages.

Job Profile: Digital Designer

The role of a digital designer is to create stylish and functional designs for use across the digital sphere. Web design is the most commonly thought of application of this skill set, with many focusing solely on the specialty of being a web designer. When creating a website there are many factors that need to be considered, over and above the pressing need to be aesthetically pleasing. These include site functionality, the addition of calls to action, and the ability to be optimal for search engines.

digital designer

As the world of search marketing and other online marketing platforms develop, the requirement for bespoke design for these digital platforms also increases. For example with the advent of cover images on Facebook, it now gives companies an additional 851 px x 315 px on the page in which to visually convey your brand. Why waste this opportunity on a suboptimal image? There is also the plethora of banner advert sizes that allow for a great range of personalized ads, but without standard sizes the design requirement is ongoing. Thus the role of a digital designer has grown to transcend a range of platforms and as is now intrinsically tied to the maintenance of the company brand.

Job Profile: .Net Developer

The .Net framework was created in the nineties as Microsoft’s answer to a more user friendly and homogenous coding system. As the framework has developed over the years, this means that the coding range of the .Net developer has grown.
net developer
One of the most impressive elements that .Net has over its competitors (such as Java), is that it is compatible with a number of coding languages, without having to recode the whole development.

C# is regarded as the flagship for the .Net languages, as it was an early adopter of any additional features added to the .Net framework. The C# language is derived from the complex C++ language but with the more accessible elements of Microsoft Visual Basic.

As a .Net developer, you will have a command of several coding languages and a firm understanding of the framework, as such you will offer your employers a great range of flexibility across projects. This flexibility means that not only can you develop new software but also modify and adapt existing items. Having a full understanding of core web technologies such as HTML, JavaScript, and CSS would also be beneficial.

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Job Profile – Digital Planner

The role of a Digital Planner is to ensure a holistic approach is taken to look at which digital channels should be used to enhance the company’s digital marketing campaigns. This role has a strong analytical element as Key Performance Indicators are drawn directly from the success of the campaigns.

Content Writer

Working knowledge of a wide array of digital channels such as display, social and mobile will be important in this role. As will a level of competency in programming and CMS experience.

In an agency setting the digital planner is often a client facing role, tasked with presenting information about the overall successes of the campaign. As such presentational and communication skills are a key requirement in this role. As you will be working closely with Account Managers, the ability to work in a team would be a positive.

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New Year, New Search Marketing Jobs?

First things, first… Happy New Year from all our team!

If you are like us, you and your company will be planning big things for the upcoming year. 2016 looks set to be another exciting year in terms of both Search Marketing and Digital Marketing Recruitment. With continued innovations across the digital world, including roll-able screens and a plethora of app based gadgets (think self-tying shoes and remote control droids; it seems a safe bet to say that mobile will continue to be a large focus for the search marketing industry.


With this in mind, it could be a good time to plan your recruiting strategy for the year to come. Web designers and PPC Manager Jobs in Manchester (and other UK tech centres) look set to be pivotal roles to fill. With responsive sites needing to be created and then advertised, this could be the year for a more specialist focus in search marketing. While holistic campaign management shouldn’t be new to anyone and remains imperative to a successful website, hiring different specialists to work on each element of the campaign seems to be the growing trend. However, this said, you will want to retain the aims of the campaign and a project manager will still be required (in much the same way that a building site works; with the various teams on site).

Now, you may be thinking that you don’t currently have the budget to create a host of specialist digital marketing jobs! This is where our second prediction will be made, in that 2016 could see a rise in Temporary placements in the field of search recruitment.

Agencies may also see a change in how they roll out their product offerings. Perhaps opting to become specialists in certain disciplines, to form a key offering rather than the traditional whole plan. Agency based PPC manager jobs would seem to fit this reasoning, as PPC is an ongoing concern rather than a simple procedural task. Account Manager roles could also see development, acting as an outsourced project manager for the overall search campaign. However, instead of managing an internal team, they will liaise and manage a number of teams. This would create the great opportunity to more fully involve elements that are sometimes considered outside of the search remit such as branding and design. If this transpires it could hark a new era of more collaborative working across the industry, which will only be to the benefit of website owners.
If you would like help or more information on finding staff to fill your newly created roles, why not contact a member of our team.

Job Profile – Copy Writer

There are several iterations of the Copy Writer’s job, as it largely depends what situation the role is in. In in-house online marketing and website situations, the role of the copy writer is to create fresh, original and engaging copy for the website. While this includes articles to act as click bait in the wake of Panda, it also includes all pages of the site and if relevant product descriptions.


Within an advertising setting a copywriter is responsible for creating creative copy for adverts that maintain the brand, whilst promoting the products/ services. If this is an internal role, the copywriter can help to develop the brand through a continuous voice throughout the content. Matching the tone of external clients branding can be a challenge of this role, when working in an agency. Knowing the basics of HTML coding can be a plus in term of digital recruitment positions.

In a digital marketing agency, the role of copywriter can include all

the elements described above but rather than working for a single company the writer will create pieces for a wide range of clients. This is a particularly challenging and engaging role, as the topics covered can be very diverse as they cover the spectrum of the agencies client base.

Job Profile – Ecommerce Manager

The role of the Ecommerce Manager is one of strategic importance for any company with an online retail function. The Ecommerce Manager ensures the site is running optimally in order to generate sales and maintain the company’s online image. As such this is a varied role that intertwines the disciplines of digital technology and marketing, with the view of driving sales.


The Ecommerce Manager has to work closely with numerous other departments in the company in order to maintain the brand and the functionality of both the website and distribution mechanisms inherent with online sales.
A strong basis in digital analysis including conversion optimization, is beneficial for anyone looking to pursue the role of an ecommerce manager. As this will aid making onsite decisions such as data driven calls to actions or promotional e-shots.

Keeping abreast of the latest news in SEO and web design will also enable applicants to create and maintain innovative ecommerce sites that position well in the search results and have high conversion rates.

Digital Marketing Recruitment for Startup Companies

Employees are an integral part of any business, while we may try to steer clear of the clichés commonly associated, the fundament of the statements remain true. In a startup business, it can be tempting to do everything yourself, in both terms of cash flow but also retaining control. However, the only way to grow is to increase scale, which unless you have conceived a self-replicating product/service that requires no ancillary support, will require an increase in human input. Over time this will ultimately mean that you will have to take on direct employees, to take on the tasks that you don’t favour, are least skilled at or simply no longer have time to do.

woman typing

Making the time to find these new members of staff can be difficult, as can working out where the best place to advertise your new roles is. Using a recruitment agency is the alternative, however, many startups are put off by the upfront costs of the placements. In the field of digital marketing recruitment, due to the high number of specialisms such as SEO, account management and web design, it can be particularly difficult to find the right candidates. By using an agency, they will have access to a database of candidates, whose CV’s have already been assessed. This means that they are ideally suited to take the brief of what you need and find the right people to interview for your role.

It may be very tempting to save money in the early stages of a business, but spending money on sourcing the right staff is a truly valuable investment. These are the people who will help shape your business and act as its face in many instances. Making hiring mistakes can be costly (in terms of not only time and money but emotional stress) at any point and can really hamper startup growth in the early period.

Of course there is the alternative to recruitment, in the form of outsourcing some roles that require a particular skill set such as search marketing or book keeping. While this offers a greater degree of flexibility in terms of short term spend and contracts, in many respects it isn’t adding anything to your business per se. To discuss digital marketing recruitment options further, why not contact one of our recruitment team.