Digital Marketing Recruitment for Startup Companies

Employees are an integral part of any business, while we may try to steer clear of the clichés commonly associated, the fundament of the statements remain true. In a startup business, it can be tempting to do everything yourself, in both terms of cash flow but also retaining control. However, the only way to grow is to increase scale, which unless you have conceived a self-replicating product/service that requires no ancillary support, will require an increase in human input. Over time this will ultimately mean that you will have to take on direct employees, to take on the tasks that you don’t favour, are least skilled at or simply no longer have time to do.

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Making the time to find these new members of staff can be difficult, as can working out where the best place to advertise your new roles is. Using a recruitment agency is the alternative, however, many startups are put off by the upfront costs of the placements. In the field of digital marketing recruitment, due to the high number of specialisms such as SEO, account management and web design, it can be particularly difficult to find the right candidates. By using an agency, they will have access to a database of candidates, whose CV’s have already been assessed. This means that they are ideally suited to take the brief of what you need and find the right people to interview for your role.

It may be very tempting to save money in the early stages of a business, but spending money on sourcing the right staff is a truly valuable investment. These are the people who will help shape your business and act as its face in many instances. Making hiring mistakes can be costly (in terms of not only time and money but emotional stress) at any point and can really hamper startup growth in the early period.

Of course there is the alternative to recruitment, in the form of outsourcing some roles that require a particular skill set such as search marketing or book keeping. While this offers a greater degree of flexibility in terms of short term spend and contracts, in many respects it isn’t adding anything to your business per se. To discuss digital marketing recruitment options further, why not contact one of our recruitment team.