Should Digital Recruitment Be More Like Visiting the Opticians?

Should digital recruitment be more like a visit to the opticians, where you are subject to a series of tests to identify your requirements? With skills based testing, would you find a job that fit you perfectly and helped you achieve your career vision?

If you have ever applied for a digital job in a large company, then the chances are that you will have sat a recruitment exam/ skills test that were consisting of numerical, verbal and diagrammatic reasoning. These tests are used by recruiters and employers with the aim of providing a potential employer with an array of useful information including how you cope with the intellectual demands of the position, stress and how well the applicant works in a team.

As some large companies and recruitment agencies already use such methods for the recruitment of SEO jobs and executive roles, it raises the question of how much can actually be learnt from these simple tests and whether or not they are a true reflection of the person?

The main attraction for employers and recruitment agencies to use such a role is the ability to streamline candidates. If there are hundreds or thousands applying for the same role, a test that allows you to pick a handful of candidates that are most suited for the position can save the employer a lot of time and expense. Alternatively, however such a process does come with drawbacks; there are a large number of people that do not test well and the perfect candidate may get overlooked because of this. Such standard exam like methods might not be the best process  as well for creative roles, if you need someone for your social media you may value more creative qualities that the test may not pick up on.

Perhaps the digital recruitment process should include an element of standard tests, but not be used as a method to eliminate candidates, simply as another tool to get more information on potential candidates mixed with face to face interviews, reference checks and role-playing exercises.

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