Gaming in Recruitment

The recruitment process is one that is always going to be at the cutting edge of the latest tech and methods. With businesses and recruitment companies all trying to find the best and quickest method to find that perfect candidate, it comes as no surprise that there are those now trying to involve gaming into the process to try and attract a younger candidate into a role.

Small games have become a popular way to test a candidate’s ability, games such as Starship Comet, which take less than half an hour, can be used to test a candidate’s problem solving skills and give an insight into how the candidate may react to given situations.

Virtual reality games similar to the Sims have also become a popular method of attracting and testing candidates. These games often can take a lot longer than half an hour but can be used to not only test a candidate’s ability but to generate interest in that business sector or jo
b role. Marriott International Inc. is a great example of this, having created a game where the player plays the role of a hotel kitchen manager. This role would be difficult to generate interest in for those of a younger generation, however with the help of these sim games gamingbeing available on popular social media platforms like Facebook they have attracted great attention.

The use of such methods to generate interest in specific business fields or roles has proven popular in schools and universities. Often these games will have links in them allowing the candidate to leave the game and go to the businesses career page or a page where they can learn more about the field and the businesses involved.

Publicity wise these games are a great way to deliver a positive image and message for the business. If the main aim of the game is to ensure that the customers receive the best care possible this will reflect the business that has created it.

The idea of simply getting all candidates to play a quick game and give the role to the candidate who achieved the highest score seems brilliant and very time saving however at the end of the day this is just another method of collecting data and should be used while taking into account other proven methods such as face to face interviews and the usual psychometric assessments. Here at Digital State, we strive to stay at the forefront of recruiting methods to ensure that we always deliver the highest calibre recruits.