Getting a New Digital Marketing Job After a Career Break

There are many reasons for taking a career break, but how do you find a digital marketing job when you decide to return to work?

One of the first steps is to assess your reasons for going back to work. Are you ready to return to the work place, looking for a different challenge or simply in need of the salary? If it’s purely for financial reasons, it could be a good idea to sign up with a recruitment agency and give temporary roles ago. That way you can generate cash, while still retaining a greater degree of freedom and gaining experience in a range of digital roles.

Whether you choose to opt for temp or perm positions, employers will be looking for evidence that you have continued to develop your skills and kept up to date with the industry. So take time to read up on the news in your digital marketing field, so you can hold your own at interview.

If you have spent your career break travelling or otherwise relaxing, one of the key challenges that many encounter is the shift back into working patterns. To give yourself a head start, a tip is to start with the routine as early as the job hunting process. In other words, treat finding work like a job in itself. Set yourself office hours and ensure that you stick to them. Not only will this put you in the work mind-set, it will allow you to be fully involved in your job hunt. A great example of this, is being able to liaise with recruiters within business hours thus allowing your timescales to be aligned with theirs and also potential employers.

That said, when you embark on navigating the world of finding a digital marketing job you need to remember to keep a degree of balance in your life. While employers are looking to hire staff who fit their skills requirements, they are also looking to find people who fit their company. This is where experiences from your career break can really work in your favour, as they make you stand out from the pack.

If you are looking to find a job in the digital marketing sector after a career break and would like help in tailoring your cv or sourcing jobs, contact a member of our recruitment team.