How Using Power Words Can Help Your Search Marketing CV

Regardless of if you are looking for PPC manager jobs, search marketing careers or the wider scope of digital marketing recruitment in general, they all have one thing in common. The requirement to have a well put together CV. While you may feel that you spend more time on your cover letter, as you adjust it to each role (if you don’t, you should be doing) it is often the case that recruiters look primarily at the CV. Your CV acts as a summary of your working history, giving insight to whether your past experience and skills will successfully translate into the offered role.

For more help on general CV writing guidance click here, you will find a range of hints and tips. In addition to that information you may also want to consider the inclusion of power words in your search marketing CV. As the search industry is developing, search marketing and PPC manager roles are becoming more hotly contested. As such, recruiters will read dozens of CV’s for each role, many with similar experience and skill sets. So how do you make yours stand out from the crowd?

power words

When seeking CV writing advice many people seek out the same sites (think job boards) and use templates or write the CV using the standard tropes and clichés, such as “I’m a great team player” or “a highly dedicated individual”. As such these assertions lose their appeal to recruiters early in the process. To remedy this why not try to avoid the old clichés and instead incorporate power words naturally throughout your CV. The table above, features a hundred example of power words. The idea being that you are enhancing your previous skills and experiences in an indirect way. Take for example “I worked within the team to develop a new system” in contrast to “I collaborated with my team in order to create an enhanced system”. The use of power word enables the same statement to sound more positive.
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