Job Profile – Copy Writer

There are several iterations of the Copy Writer’s job, as it largely depends what situation the role is in. In in-house online marketing and website situations, the role of the copy writer is to create fresh, original and engaging copy for the website. While this includes articles to act as click bait in the wake of Panda, it also includes all pages of the site and if relevant product descriptions.


Within an advertising setting a copywriter is responsible for creating creative copy for adverts that maintain the brand, whilst promoting the products/ services. If this is an internal role, the copywriter can help to develop the brand through a continuous voice throughout the content. Matching the tone of external clients branding can be a challenge of this role, when working in an agency. Knowing the basics of HTML coding can be a plus in term of digital recruitment positions.

In a digital marketing agency, the role of copywriter can include all

the elements described above but rather than working for a single company the writer will create pieces for a wide range of clients. This is a particularly challenging and engaging role, as the topics covered can be very diverse as they cover the spectrum of the agencies client base.