Job Profile: Digital Designer

The role of a digital designer is to create stylish and functional designs for use across the digital sphere. Web design is the most commonly thought of application of this skill set, with many focusing solely on the specialty of being a web designer. When creating a website there are many factors that need to be considered, over and above the pressing need to be aesthetically pleasing. These include site functionality, the addition of calls to action, and the ability to be optimal for search engines.

digital designer

As the world of search marketing and other online marketing platforms develop, the requirement for bespoke design for these digital platforms also increases. For example with the advent of cover images on Facebook, it now gives companies an additional 851 px x 315 px on the page in which to visually convey your brand. Why waste this opportunity on a suboptimal image? There is also the plethora of banner advert sizes that allow for a great range of personalized ads, but without standard sizes the design requirement is ongoing. Thus the role of a digital designer has grown to transcend a range of platforms and as is now intrinsically tied to the maintenance of the company brand.