Job Profile – Ecommerce Manager

The role of the Ecommerce Manager is one of strategic importance for any company with an online retail function. The Ecommerce Manager ensures the site is running optimally in order to generate sales and maintain the company’s online image. As such this is a varied role that intertwines the disciplines of digital technology and marketing, with the view of driving sales.


The Ecommerce Manager has to work closely with numerous other departments in the company in order to maintain the brand and the functionality of both the website and distribution mechanisms inherent with online sales.
A strong basis in digital analysis including conversion optimization, is beneficial for anyone looking to pursue the role of an ecommerce manager. As this will aid making onsite decisions such as data driven calls to actions or promotional e-shots.

Keeping abreast of the latest news in SEO and web design will also enable applicants to create and maintain innovative ecommerce sites that position well in the search results and have high conversion rates.