Job Profile: .Net Developer

The .Net framework was created in the nineties as Microsoft’s answer to a more user friendly and homogenous coding system. As the framework has developed over the years, this means that the coding range of the .Net developer has grown.
net developer
One of the most impressive elements that .Net has over its competitors (such as Java), is that it is compatible with a number of coding languages, without having to recode the whole development.

C# is regarded as the flagship for the .Net languages, as it was an early adopter of any additional features added to the .Net framework. The C# language is derived from the complex C++ language but with the more accessible elements of Microsoft Visual Basic.

As a .Net developer, you will have a command of several coding languages and a firm understanding of the framework, as such you will offer your employers a great range of flexibility across projects. This flexibility means that not only can you develop new software but also modify and adapt existing items. Having a full understanding of core web technologies such as HTML, JavaScript, and CSS would also be beneficial.

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