Marketing Manager Projects – Vacancies

Businesses looking to secure long term success now and in the future need to address the demands of an increasingly dynamic digital landscape.

Digital marketing teams will play a significant role in this process. Marketing managers must understand how to maximise the impact the business is making online and implement increasingly innovative approaches and cutting-edge techniques in order to capture and retain attention in busy, fast-paced digital spaces that are primed to become even more competitive.

Digital Transformation in the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods Sector

Digital transformation in FMCG is driving the sector forward in myriad ways and creating a host of exciting opportunities for digital professionals to make a very real difference in the process. As digital technologies continue to disrupt consumer behaviour and heighten expectations, the ability to deliver omni channel experiences is becoming critical to success.

Brands recognise the importance of embracing digital transformation, however, it is clear to see that the FMCG industry is set to benefit from onboarding digital professionals with the skills and expertise to develop and implement proactive marketing strategies.

Businesses that choose not to innovate and invest in this area will find themselves falling behind their competition and potentially losing out to disruptive start-ups who understand how to meet changing consumer priorities and expectations.

The Future of Digital in Manchester

Just as Manchester was a driving force during the Industrial Revolution, the city has established itself as a leading digital powerhouse and one of the top 20 digital locations in Europe.

Home to more than 7,000 tech companies, a range of start-ups, scale-ups and leading digital companies have chosen to set up their head offices in Manchester. Its relatively small geographical size has fostered a unique sense of community and camaraderie. The innovation, development and creativity for which digital companies strive are matched by a desire to push for collaboration to ensure that professional networks are strengthened and potential is maximised.

Digital decision-makers in Manchester are clearly striving for the level of growth that will sustain the industry long into the future. £2 million of funding has been made available for the development of two technology hubs, which will host and incubate a variety of entrepreneurs and small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Tech North and other leading digital organisations are on hand to ensure that the digital sector remains on track to deliver the best possible results every step of the way. Local digital and technology communities have worked hard to shape Manchester into a leading digital hub and will continue to push to ensure that the city can continue to inspire and attract attention from international tech communities, drive future growth, and positively disrupt this innovative cross-vertical sector.

Opportunities for Digital Professionals and Marketing Managers in Manchester

There is a wide range of manager marketing manager jobs in FMCG there for the taking in and around the Manchester area. Manchester’s digital sector is globally renowned for being forward-thinking and is, therefore, an exciting space in which to flex your marketing muscles.

If you understand how to prioritise proactive networking, develop and nurture meaningful relationships and effectively manage a dynamic team, a variety of digital businesses in Manchester will want to hear from you. At a time when standing out online is becoming increasingly difficult, you will have a demonstrable understanding as to how to ensure that a given brand maximises every opportunity to enhance its visibility and capture the attention of the audience with which it most needs to engage.

From identifying and refining target markets and segments to improving user experiences and return on investment (ROI), your communication skills will be second to none and your understanding of the industry as a whole will be matched by the expertise you have built up in a series of very specific areas.

Here at Digital State Recruitment, our team of specialist recruitment managers will work diligently to match you with a role that will allow you to showcase your expertise and continue to strive for future growth and progression. We understand that talent drives everything and we recognise how to match candidates with roles in which they will be able to deliver creative solutions in challenging market conditions.

If you are looking for your next marketing manager role in the digital sector in Manchester and would like to explore the options that are available to you, our recruitment specialists here at Digital State Recruitment are always on hand to ensure that you have all the information you need. With your talent and our recruitment expertise, our personalised advice will ensure that your next career move will propel you forwards and allow you to make a real difference to the digital strategy of a firm in the hugely exciting FMCG sector.