New Year, New Search Marketing Jobs?

First things, first… Happy New Year from all our team!

If you are like us, you and your company will be planning big things for the upcoming year. 2016 looks set to be another exciting year in terms of both Search Marketing and Digital Marketing Recruitment. With continued innovations across the digital world, including roll-able screens and a plethora of app based gadgets (think self-tying shoes and remote control droids; it seems a safe bet to say that mobile will continue to be a large focus for the search marketing industry.


With this in mind, it could be a good time to plan your recruiting strategy for the year to come. Web designers and PPC Manager Jobs in Manchester (and other UK tech centres) look set to be pivotal roles to fill. With responsive sites needing to be created and then advertised, this could be the year for a more specialist focus in search marketing. While holistic campaign management shouldn’t be new to anyone and remains imperative to a successful website, hiring different specialists to work on each element of the campaign seems to be the growing trend. However, this said, you will want to retain the aims of the campaign and a project manager will still be required (in much the same way that a building site works; with the various teams on site).

Now, you may be thinking that you don’t currently have the budget to create a host of specialist digital marketing jobs! This is where our second prediction will be made, in that 2016 could see a rise in Temporary placements in the field of search recruitment.

Agencies may also see a change in how they roll out their product offerings. Perhaps opting to become specialists in certain disciplines, to form a key offering rather than the traditional whole plan. Agency based PPC manager jobs would seem to fit this reasoning, as PPC is an ongoing concern rather than a simple procedural task. Account Manager roles could also see development, acting as an outsourced project manager for the overall search campaign. However, instead of managing an internal team, they will liaise and manage a number of teams. This would create the great opportunity to more fully involve elements that are sometimes considered outside of the search remit such as branding and design. If this transpires it could hark a new era of more collaborative working across the industry, which will only be to the benefit of website owners.
If you would like help or more information on finding staff to fill your newly created roles, why not contact a member of our team.