Should Recruitment Be More Like… Speed Dating?

If you are currently looking for a new job, then there is a good chance that you have become frustrated with the whole process at some point or another. So what if there were a different way of finding a digital marketing job?

How about using the speed dating model?


So instead of spending hours preening and traveling for only one interview at a job you’re not 100% sure about, rather there’s a whole host of employers waiting to meet you? Or rather than that awkward hour and a half long interview, you meet 4 different people from the same organisation for 5 minutes. This would mean that you get to make more first impressions and can answer the specific questions of the interviewer.

While not a mainstream method (yet), these events do take place and offer a convenient solution to the first stages of interviewing. The multiple organisation models are probably going to remain most appropriate in areas such as graduate recruitment; where a wider range of potential niches can be offered to the same demographic. In terms of Digital marketing recruitment, perhaps these events could be held in specific niches such as UX design or PPC management roles. Giving both parties a way to informally chat and get to know each other.

A speed dating model may be beneficial if there are a large number of applicants applying for the same role and may be a good way to size up the competition and save on travelling however; I imagine in reality it would be more than a little daunting to say the least! Rushing through an interview means that you could potentially miss out on great opportunities to sell yourself. Perhaps the old way of interviewing really isn’t that bad? Having the chance to discuss what the role has to offer and what you can offer the company at a natural speed can only really be a good thing.

For an alternative, but a lot simpler way to make great progress in your hunt to find a digital marketing job, contact the team here at Digital State Recruitment. With our fingers on the pulse of the digital industry, we are ideally placed to find the right role for you.