Digital State provide recruitment support for most aspects of the digital & marketing universe – whether you’re an analyst or a designer, have your roots in technical or traditional media, we have the knowledge and the contacts to support you as you identify and pursue the next step for your career.

The main sectors that we cover are

Digital Marketing
Marketing and PR
Data Analysis
Account Management

Digital MarketingFind Digital Marketing Jobs

From keyword optimisation and development to link outreach, PPC, Social Media and Brand management, you will have your finger on the pulse of how to maximise a company’s online impact.

Whether you’re identifying the optimal target markets, getting down to the nitty-gritty of engaging or analysing how to improve both user experience and ROI, you will probably have an area of expertise whilst still understanding a lot of different aspects of the industry very well indeed.

Creative/DesignFind Creative/Design Jobs

You understand implicitly that the first couple of seconds is when most buyers decide to engage with a product or not – and it’s how a website looks and feels that is central to that decision.

Your imagination and your experience allow you to effectively translate ideas into results – whether it’s through copy or graphics, the creative teams bring together an appreciation of what’s possible with an instinct for how best to articulate a brand for a target audience.

EcommerceFind Ecommerce Jobs

At the sharp end of online retail, success in ECommerce can be a matter of small fractions. You need to understand your market, your customers, your brand and your whole process. Depending on the channels you prioritise, you can have a swathe of specific skillsets –from CRO analysis and multi-variate site design to affiliate and paid search management, you need to be able to get inside the head of the buyer and create a compelling case for them to commit right here, right now.

Tech/DevelopmentFind Tech/Development Jobs

Whilst the creatives sometimes get the plaudits, it’s the technical development that makes the site effective. Converting inspirational ideas into practical and appealing functionality, the developers ensure that a site makes sense to the user and does what it is expected to do – from start to finish.

Whether working front-end – on Flash, JavaScript and HTML5 – or driving deep into coding – on Python, PHP or .Net – a technical team with specialist skills in a variety of areas is imperative if any digital business is to be successful.

Marketing and PRFind Marketing and PR Jobs

Whilst the Digital sphere is voracious in its growth, there is no expectation that the realm of traditional marketing will vanish. Relationship development and PR skills remain central to all aspects of client outreach and advertising visibility through print and new media is as hotly contested as ever.

You’ll understand the significance of networking in establishing media channels (online and offline) as well as the enduring importance of strategically balancing a variety of techniques to catch and retain attention.

Data AnalysisFind Data Analysis Jobs

Part of the appeal of the digital world is its tangibility – the ability to identify, track and analyse vital business metrics in order to drive adaptation for better ROI.

It takes a special sort of person to work in this field. An analytical brain, certainly, but one with that can also look beyond the numbers and recognise what they mean in real terms and how to utilise these lessons imaginatively – where financial acumen meets marketing intuition.

Account ManagementFind Account Management Jobs

For those that combine technical prowess with excellent customer communications skills the world of Account Management can be highly rewarding. Some roles are more technical than others and some sit within PR , some sit within B2B or B2D but all are demanding, excellent roles that can stretch the imagination and provide variety within the challenges ahead.

ExecutiveFind Executive Jobs

The Executive level for Digital State is one that we are very comfortable recruiting at – candidates that are at once capable of both traditional senior managerial skillsets and also confident in a variety of technically demanding specialisms.

With the ability to quickly understand, embrace and represent a company culture through a network of existing practical processes, you need to be a strategic General with an unquenchable appetite for individual – and team – development.