How to Stay Positive While Looking for Jobs in the Digital Sector

Are you looking for a new web designer job? Or perhaps social media management is more your thing? Looking for a niche role can sometimes be a longer process than expected, so how do you stay upbeat on your job hunt?

·         Plan, Plan, Plan

The benefits of planning cannot be underestimated. Both in terms of creating a job hunt schedule (and sticking to it!) and planning which tools you will use for your searches. It also helps to be organised in terms of making note of the progress of each application, this allows you to plan time to commit to creating bespoke cover letters and reverting to companies after interview.

·         Include Time for You

While it can be hard to switch off from your hunt for web designer jobs, especially if you are not earning. As with any work normal role, you need to ensure a work life balance in order to remain positive. Will looking on all the sites multiple times a day make the perfect role appear? Or simply leave you feeling that the job your after will never come up? Take time to see your friends, family and to do activities that you enjoy.

·         Networking

Speaking of spending time with friends, engaging with your existing network of colleagues and friends can be a great way to find out about upcoming new roles. You never know they may even put in a good word for you with the hiring manager.

·         Read the Job Outlines Closely

Resist the urge to apply to positions with a scatter gun approach. While it might seem that you are increasing your chances by sheer volume, in real terms you’re setting yourself up for more rejections. Nor will you be able to fully customise your applications for each role and you may even mark your copybook with potential employers. As a general rule of thumb, try to aim for a minimum of 70% in terms of matching the role specification

·         Just Keep Hunting

It is inevitable that you will experience rejection in your search for new job (unless you are incredibly lucky), either in the form of not landing an interview or not getting past the interview stage. While it can be hard to deal with rejection, especially for jobs you were really keen to get, remember that it’s all good practice and keep on job hunting.


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