The Benefits of Soft Skills in Marketing Roles

While putting together you’re CV and preparing for your interview for marketing roles that you are looking to land, it can be easy to focus solely on your main points. For example if you are looking to land a place as a UI Designer in Manchester, then touting you’re impeccable Java and PHP coding skills may seem to be the obvious focus. But in a largely overqualified candidate market, making a conscious effort to showcase your soft skills could be the move that ultimately makes you stand out from the crowd.

Soft skills in marketing roles are generally transferable and are therefore, appealing in a range of positions. These skills include demonstrating commitment, ability to deal with change, good communicative abilities and problem solving skills. Having a variety of these skills can also indicate a degree of versatility and an ability to learn, which are attractive in a market as diverse as digital marketing in Manchester and the North West. To go back to the UI designer example, having the additional soft skills of communication and superb problem solving skills, could improve your chance of success, as well as your Java and PHP coding skills.

While over-confidently stating your soft skills or slipping into clichés on your CV (team player, anyone?), maybe isn’t the best way forward. Reviewing your experiences and being able to summarize events or projects that latently demonstrate these skills is a good idea. If you haven’t previously worked in a professional role that you are looking to interview in and feel that you may lack these skills, then taking part in a volunteer program could be a good way to learn them. In many volunteering positions, it can be a great way to learn that you can work with others, commit to a project and work to imposed deadlines, all while helping a worthwhile cause. Any time spent developing your soft skill sets, should be seen as an investment into your career.

If you are looking for advice on how to prepare your CV for marketing roles in Manchester, why not contact a member of our team? They can help you maximize your potential and ensure that you truly stand out of the crowd.